The 100 Women of Influence Awards 2016 encompassed 10 categories, with the aim of identifying a diverse group of women championing change in business and society in general.


Women working on a board in public or private companies, or who are running a team, a key project, or developing strategy within an  organisation. Their influence extends beyond their formal role to personal support, mentoring and networks.

Public Policy

Women working in the public sector at either local, state or federal level. This may include those working in agencies or in an advisory role to influence and change public policy, for instance, to support better social inclusion and equity.


Women who have dedicated themselves to consistently advocating for a more diverse workforce or diverse representation on community, government and business entities and who have helped make the change happen. This includes advocacy in the boardroom, in government, lobby groups, in small or large businesses or the community.

Business Enterprise

Women who have founded, own, or run a business. This category recognises women who have substantially developed a business, or led its strategy and direction, and remain actively involved in its operation.

Young Leader

Young women aged up to and including 30 years (as of August 31, 2016) who demonstrate a capacity to influence and act as catalysts for change. This new generation of leaders is advocating for and giving a voice to younger women and their concerns.


Women whose work is making a mark on the global stage, including through offshore business expansion, projects that originate in areas outside Australia, or international collaborations. Entrants are invited from a broad range of sectors, and they may be based overseas or in Australia.

Local and Regional

Women who are having a positive impact in their community at a local, rural or regional level. This may be across business, community, the not for profit sector, the arts or in government.


Women who are driving innovation and entrepreneurship, within a business or workplace, through their work in the sciences, medicine, academia, technology, finance, engineering or in organisational design and management. This category also recognises innovative ways of tackling community and social issues and improving inclusion.

Arts, Culture and Sport

Women involved in furthering Australia’s artistic and cultural institutions or sporting, organisations. Entries are invited from women including but not limited to performers, writers, athletes, curators, or those involved in advocacy for, or administration of, initiatives across areas such as the creative arts, sport, media and entertainment, both locally and globally.

Social Enterprise and Not-for-profit

Women working in a range of capacities to support social change as entrepreneurs or in community projects or campaigns in the not for profit sector. This may cover a range of areas including health, education, domestic violence, indigenous programs, financial literacy or cultural programs.