Who can enter (or be nominated)?

Women with Australian citizenship or Australian residency. Women living outside of Australia are eligible in every category, but must have Australian residency. Those entering, or being nominated for, the young leader category must be aged 30 years or younger as at tba.

Can I nominate somebody else?

We encourage men and women to nominate women they believe are influential in their field. However, you must have permission from the woman you wish to nominate. You can then submit an entry on their behalf.

Once the entry is submitted, the nominee will be sent a copy of the entry and asked to confirm that they approve the submission.

Is there a fee for entering?

There is no cost to enter or to nominate someone.

What are the key dates for the awards?

After five fantastic years, we want to take some time out to refresh the awards program and plan ways to improve how Women of Influence could broaden and deepen its engagement with the community.

The 100 Women of Influence Awards will return in 2018 along with the launch of a new Women of Influence Summit. Stay tuned for more information.

I‘m worried I won’t select the right category for my entry, or for my nominee.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to choose the correct category.  If you (or your nominee) seem to fit in more than one category, choose the one that fits best and complete your entry.  If the judges think the entry is better suited to another category – they will move it to that new category.

What are the judges looking for?

Judges are looking for women who invest their time and energy into helping other women make the most of their potential. These women will advocate for change every day – in their workplace, their community, their peer group and wherever decisions are made. These women confront unfairness and don’t take no for an answer.  They identify what needs to be done and roll up their sleeves to do it. These are women who use their skills and talents to help change the status quo and create a more equitable society.

We are looking for the special women who didn’t set out to become role models but truly are, and who can tell us why they make a difference.

Nominations need to include a clear and focused description of the impact and results of the nominee’s efforts, as well as a succinct story about how they got to the position the are in.

We particularly want to know how they used their influence to make change happen: the lobbying, the fund-raising, the mentoring and support of others, the networks established, the causes they support.

Don’t be afraid to enter yourself.

Our nominees come from all ranks and roles, and from all sectors, and no efforts are too small to be included.

The awards are intended to encourage the widest possible range of women to enter or be nominated, and show their contribution. To do that, judging focuses on quality and impact rather than the scale or seniority of a woman’s role.

Even if you have never entered an award program before, and feel uncomfortable about the attention, remember this is a chance to really extend your influence well beyond your own remit, on what matters to you.

Can I enter myself in more than one category?

Yes – an individual can enter in more than one category. If you enter multiple categories, you must submit separate entry forms for each category, but only submit one entry within one category.

What if somebody else nominates the same woman I nominate?

These entries would be reviewed together as a single combined entry if they are for the same category.  If the nominations are for the same woman in different categories they will be considered separately.

How can I find out more about the entry process and what information is required?

Download the nomination pack once available.

Can I have extra time to complete an entry, after the close date?

As a rule, we don’t offer extensions beyond the close date, to make it fair to all entrants.

How does the online entry work?

To nominate yourself or somebody else, you must create a login by registering your details in the login section of the website. You will need to nominate a username and password in order to create a login.

The nomination does not have to be completed in a single session. You can work on the entry and review and edit sections until it is ready to submit. Information must be included as specified in the mandatory sections of the online form.

Once submitted, an entry cannot be changed.

After the entry is submitted you will receive a confirmation email which will include a copy of the entry.

If you have nominated somebody else they will also receive a copy of the entry. Approval from the nominee should have already been received however should they not want the entry to put forward or they would like certain changes to be made they will need to email us at 100women@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Why do we ask for referees?

Referees provide alternative sources of information for judges and confirm that the information in the entry is accurate.  There must be at least one referee for each example of influence detailed in section two of the entry form. Contact details should include email and a telephone number.

Is there a limit to how many women I can nominate?

No – you can nominate any number of women. However, you must have permission from each individual to submit an entry on their behalf. You must fill out a separate entry form for each nominee. If you nominate a woman in more than one category, you must submit separate entry forms for each category.

How do I encourage others to enter themselves or submit a nomination?

Share the nomination pack – it has all the information.

Are there terms and conditions for the awards?

Yes – you can find them here.

Who do I contact for more information?